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Our Story


Thanks for visiting our site. I am Dilush, the founder of Engrace Candle Co.

As a Clinical Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher, for almost two decades, I have been promoting the importance of keeping our environment clean to live a happy, healthy life. What we breathe matters just as much as what we eat and drink. Just as we always aim to drink fresh, clean water and eat organically grown fruits and vegetables, we need to make sure that the quality of the air we breathe in our households and the workplace is equally fresh and free of toxins.

Most of the candles on the market are paraffin-based candles. Paraffin candles emit toxic fumes like phthalates, acetaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, acrolein, and more known and unknown toxins. Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum. When we burn paraffin candles, it's almost like we have a car engine running in the house, emitting harmful toxins into the air we breathe. We light candles in intimate places like bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, and we need to do our best to keep these special areas in our home clean and filled with fresh air.

I am a huge candle lover, and I have a candle burning almost all the time in my home. I love burning scented candles during my yoga practice and meditation in the morning. I also love to burn a relaxing lavender candle at night in my bedroom before bedtime to promote restful Delta sleep.

Because I frequently light candles, I have been searching for a good, vegetable-based candle that is environmentally friendly and free of harmful toxins.

This inspired me to make a candle that burns clean and is friendly to the environment and animals. After months of research, testing and lots of hard work, I finally put together a candle that is completely safe and made with food-grade vegetable wax that emits none of the aforementioned toxins, and is more affordable.

All the hard work you see here is entirely my own tireless efforts to bring you something pure and authentic while helping the planet and all of who inhabit it.

I have had a great passion and fascination with Asian elephants ever since I was a young child, which led me to find a way to preserve these magnificent and majestic beings through the launching of this company. I am proud to partner with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society in their ongoing efforts to resolve the conflict between Sri Lankan farmers and wild elephants, helping them co-exist in peace. You will be proud to know that a portion of every purchase you make goes towards this worthy cause that we can not afford to ignore anymore.

Our name "Engrace" was inspired by my baby girl, Enya Grace. She is the light of our life. Her presence, laughter, and sense of humor can light up even the darkest moments. Her passion, zest for life, and love that she radiates are so inspiring to everyone around her.

I hope you will love our candles just as much as we do and that they will bring happiness and warmth into your lives. Thank you for being a part of this amazing effort to preserve the planet for our future generation by purchasing our candles.